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Poems by Omar

Mohammed Omar


The heart upon the sea

What could we make of the waves;

The waves that roar in your troubled heart;

Is it silently waiting and building up?

To something that calls catastrophe;

Or will it subside by the passing tides?

Is it wrong to call its doings enchanting;

Does it really trap the mind with its symphony?

The orchestra of a clashing sea.


I Wonder Why?

I hear your name with the winds that blow

Your tears, they fall in the form of rain

Why do you claim everything under you to be yours?

Why does your wrath claim countless souls?

How do you account for the wonders in everything you do?

What is it that makes you so special?

Why does this flood of clouds surround me?

Why does everything we do depend on you?

What is it that makes you blue?

Why I ask….

I may never know

And nor would I want to

This ethereal beauty you present to me

I will forever relish

For you are there in a different realm

And I am here just blessed with your presence.



You move on so that the winds may rise you to a higher place

You move on so that the world knows what you’re really worth

You move on from this darkness which disguises itself as Love

You move on so you may find love

You move so that you may become Love

You move on so you may find yourself a place to belong

The kindness that makes your heart a solemn home



I dreamt of a place beyond the unknown

Only the idea of you has kept me going

Are you a mere fallacy?

Or are you something more?

If I were to become any man,

Would I be enough for you?

For you live among the stars

A place that is limited by my thoughts.


About the poet:

Mohammed Omar is a student of St. Joseph’s School, North Point Darjeeling studying commerce. Since the first lockdown he has been trying his hands on many things including painting, dancing, singing and creative writing with little success but poetry is where his heart has learnt to settle upon.


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