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Poems by Tashi

Tashi Choedon

1. Untitled

I always say

monsoon is what I associate

closely with home. Pala

tucks himself weakly into

his warm bed. A dim

rosary wound around his dark old hands. And Ama,

an image of domestic anxiety.

I took a lot of freedom in thinking I could

become something else─ a woman who did not

simply blame fate to escape grief.

Perhaps, I was foolish to think I was different

from my ama! Now I look

at my reflection and it

mirrors her pain, my hands or

her hands fidgeting

for comfort. I feel

I spot her

everywhere in me, except for her


2. Land

So I stand here in an

alien land, which I always

thought was my own. Between

leeches and the mountains and the

waterlogged potholes

of this village, I always

felt I was home.

But when I listen to my

grandmother, her tales of her home

unsettle me. With her

toothless grin, she recounts the

heyday of her youthful years. That wobbly

face gives way

to many emotions. For a moment

I can imagine the landscape of the land that

I cannot see anywhere on the world map.


About the writer:

Tashi (Instagram- @__tashi_) is passionate about fiction writing and poetry. She is interested in using these two genres to express her deepest thoughts and her most authentic self. She hopes to use words to seek courage and healing.


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