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Poems by Sudarshan

Sudarshan Desai



Why do things never happen the way we'd like them to?

Why does a bird fly away when you walk closer?

Why does the wave die before kissing your feet?

Why does the sunset when you aren't looking at it?

The stars disappear when you're counting them and reappear. You lose count.

Why does love always happen when you don't want it?

Why does the heartache when it's full of love?

I am a bird that flees when you come close.

a bird that doesn't befriend the cow it sits on.

I am the wind that kisses you all over but you can't have me for I keep moving.

I am a runner who runs well past the finishing line, deaf.

I am the water you need, yet I belong to none

I am a seed that grows to give shade and yet you walk away in the dark.

I am many things, yet so little

I am everything, yet nothing



Here we go again

from darkness into the light

Whilst I wake out of this slumber

hurt but a stone within

A ray at the end

yet, broken and delusional

Believed it wasn't needed

but who can refuse love?

The closer you come, the still further I run.

the closer I get, the still further you run.

Tears and a smile and a mix of everything

that's how I feel

I have it all

yet I feel empty

lost it all, a void.

The green no longer feels the same

neither does the dark

I see a ray at the end

a leap I take from darkness into the light



I am the last gasp

Struggle, he finds it hard.

I am a light,

He shuts his eyes

I see white.

I am a flame

Like a star afar.

I rise above

It's a cold night.

I am one,

One in a queue.

Awaiting our deeds

to be weighed.

''Not enough",

They say.

I am a raindrop


'Tis cool, it's warm.

I am an egg

I float.

The wait is over.

I am a cry.

I am a smile

A tear

I am happiness

& terror.

I am an explosion.

I am a flame

A star afar.

I rise above

The coldest night.


Memories clouding

O'er heart-wrenching dreams

The night plodding

With despondent screams

Love is but a flower

Wilting at the end of every hour

Heartbeat's a thunder

Ripping every soul asunder

Violent as a torrential rain

Like riding down memory lane

Take cover under the shining stars

Let it soothe your burning scars

Majestic like an innocent visage

Generous like a King

Cruelty is a disease

May death rid you of your sin.

Lost in the music

Of my own past

I'm laid to rest

At long last


About the poet:

Sudarshan practices law in the city of Pune. He is an avid reader and one can often see him exploring new places and cultures. He loves plants.


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