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Photo essay on Feminist Friendships

Deter Geyi

1. Braids of comfort

A place and time where you can be yourself

sometimes even more therapeutic than therapy,

a session that may not solve the problems but sure does make them lighter

2. Be your own bestie

We need to learn to love ourselves

And find the love we are looking for in someone else's eyes in our soul first.

3. Friends from the first to their last breath Our mother nags us only because she wants to protect us from the things that have hurt her.

4. Women are women’s best cheerleaders and support systems.

I’ve got your back

We know how many of us trusted another woman; a stranger or a friend to check for the daunting iron-red stain.

4. Alone but not lonely

Some of our feminist friends don't even know we exist

it is in their words, lessons and stories.

we find our strength, comfort and inspiration


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