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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Call for Pitches: Summer Issue 2023 on Migration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Call for Pitches: Summer Issue 2023 on Migration

1. What is the purpose of this Call for Pitches?

We are seeking compelling pitches for our Summer Issue 2023 focusing on migration. We aim to collect personal stories, reportage or essays that shed light on various aspects of migration, including themes like gender, caste, religion, climate, and politics. These stories should be thought-provoking and have a strong impact on readers.

2. What we are not looking for?

Research paper or academic paper, interviews, fiction or poetry.

3. Who is it for?

Right now, we are taking pitches only from writers from Nepal, Bhutan and Himalayan region of India.

4. What is the desired length for the selected writings?

Within the range of 2000-2500 words. This length allows for a comprehensive exploration of the topic while maintaining reader engagement.

5. Can I submit a complete story without a pitch?

No, right now, we are only considering pitches for selection. The purpose of the call is to evaluate the potential of each pitch and choose the most promising ideas for further development into full stories.

6. What should the pitches focus on?

Your pitch should briefly overview the story you intend to share. It should highlight how your narrative addresses the themes of migration, gender, caste, religion, climate, or politics. We encourage unique perspectives and diverse voices that bring fresh insights to these subjects.

7. Is it paid?

Yes, selected pitches will be commissioned and paid for upon its completion.

8. How should I submit my pitch?

You can send the pitches to our email address. Ensure that your pitch adheres to the specified word count and includes your contact information and a short bio.

9. What are the criteria for selection?

We prioritize pitches that demonstrate originality, emotional resonance, and a clear connection to the chosen themes. Compelling storytelling, engaging writing style, and the potential to captivate the reader are key factors we consider during selection.


10. Is there a deadline for pitch submission?

Yes. June 15.

We hope this FAQ clarifies any questions you may have regarding our Call for Pitches. We eagerly anticipate reading your unique and impactful stories on migration.


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