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From the Editors


This Spring Issue is dedicated to our dearest Fatima, co-founding member of The Pomelo, to solidarity and friendships. 


Through this Spring Issue, we at The Pomelo have been able to reflect on questions of solidarity and camaraderie. We engaged with questions about what it truly means.


Fatima’s Instagram bio read- Learning allyship. She questioned preconceived notions, disagreed with the politics of our times, was passionate towards the issues and history of the Tibetan Muslim community and was also a historian critical of the epistemologies that produce histories. She showed what standing up for others meant, who fiercely believed that the carousel of learning and unlearning never stopped. She was a researcher with a bright mind and a wordsmith par excellence. 


This Spring Issue was crucial for us as it allowed us to brave through tough times, prioritising mental and physical well-being. We will cherish this Spring Issue since we not only grew our community but were able to continue the vision of Fatima. An ode to the hills, and the people from the Himalayas, building alliances and friendships without which this issue would have been impossible. 


We are embracing vulnerabilities, and flaws. As a team driven by young women, this is our Spring Editorial dedicated to all our friends and community who have stood by us. 


Thank you to all those who made it possible, 


Cheers to allyship and friendships.  


Love and hugs, 



The Pomelo 

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